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Thruxton Times Archive

Thruxton Parish Council Thruxton Times Archive
Thruxton Parish Council Thruxton Times Archive
Thruxton Parish Council Thruxton Times Archive
Thruxton Parish Council Thruxton Times Archive



                  THRUXTON  TIMES – June 2020      

     Editor: Rick Smart – 07786246291                                  Published by Thruxton Parish Council


Breaking News

1. Pride Music Quiz / Fancy Dress – to celebrate Pride Month there will be Music Quiz and Fancy-Dress Competition on ‘THE VIRUS VOLUNTEERS’ Facebook page at 7pm Thursday 4th June. Prizes for best Fancy Dress.

2. Thruxton Pride Virtual Derby – chance to place a bet on two virtual horse races with commentary by Rick Smart. Details on Facebook page.

3. Cupcake Sale – there will be cupcake sale in aid of Alzheimer's  13th June

4. Trooping of the Colour – we will be hosting a Trooping of the Colour ceremony at 11am on 13th June

5. Grand raffle – we will be hosting a Grand raffle in aid of the Hall, the church, the Village association and the Volunteer groups. Tickets £1 each. Just donate in £ # tickets required at


Thursday 4th June    Pride Quiz

Saturday 6th June     Thruxton Pride Derby

Saturday 13th June   Cupcake Sale

Saturday 13th June  Trooping of Colour and Grand Raffle


Update from Parish Council

It is some time since we took the opportunity to write to all residents of Thruxton with news of the Parish Council activities and issues on our agenda. Unfortunately, when the Covid-19 crisis hit in mid-March, Government legislation didn’t allow us to meet and it wasn’t until the middle of April that the law was changed to allow virtual meetings. I think everyone will agree that the village responded brilliantly to the onset of the lockdown and a team of volunteers, magnificently led by Rick Smart, created the Virus Volunteers. The Parish Council were able to make one of the first donations to the volunteer group and have subsequently supported the effort through grant applications to TVBC (for £500) and to Scottish & Southern Energy (for £1,500). In the meantime, the Parish Council have met via Zoom and have pushed forward with several important initiatives:

· Several residents have raised concerns about the earthworks at Thruxton Circuit. We have worked with Phil Lashbrook, our local Councillor, to ensure these are within the 2017 planning approval and to ask the contractors to address noise and dust issues that were affecting households in the village.

· There have been several complaints regarding the discolouration of Pillhill Brook. TVBC Environmental Health Officers have tested the water and found it to clear of any pollutants or other noxious substances; the muddiness was caused by the earthworks and the building of lagoons to help flood control at the circuit and in the village.

· We had planned to launch a road use and speed survey to address the legitimate concerns of residents regarding traffic through the village. We have postponed until later in the year when traffic flows return to more typical levels during school term. We will be asking for volunteers to help with the data collection.

· Unfortunately, the door to the phone box library rotted away over the winter and is now unsafe – which is why the library has closed. We had hoped that we could re-locate the library to the Village Hall but couldn’t make this work under the current social distancing rules. However, we have agreed with a village resident to make the necessary repairs and some improvements to the library and we will re-open asap.

· Other repairs have been organised to the notice board by the phone box and to play equipment on the Sports Field.

· As many of you are aware, there is a defibrillator on the wall of George House. It is tested each month by a Councillor. Gill & Will Odling want all residents to know that they can come into the front garden of George House and use the defibrillator if required – there’s no need to knock on their door. The code to open it is now shown on the device – it is    5711

· The planters at the entrances to the village have been re-planted and are continuing to contribute to the general ambience of Thruxton.

· Finally, we have launched a review of the village website to make it more usable for all.

Of course, we remain available to listen to your concerns and take up any issues you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Parish Councillors or call me on 07783 000753 – Peter Christie - Vice Chair – Thruxton Parish Council.  


Parish Council Meeting 3/06/20 –         Chairman John Davis

1    A volunteer will repair the phone box and has already bought some of the material necessary.

2    The stream is now back to sparkling form.  The recent discolouration was due to earthworks at the circuit.

3    The request from the school for funds to install flashing lights was discussed.  The Council was not against the principle but unhappy about the proposed positioning of them.  A meeting will be held with the School to clarify this.

4    The Parish council is arranging for the Newsletter to be delivered to all houses in the Parish including Thruxton Down and Thruxton Down farm.

5    The neighbourhood development Plan is now with TVBC.

6    How the £1500 allocated by Southern Electric will be spent is being drawn up.

7    An application has been received to build a dormer window at the rear of the Post House Cottage.

8    Complaints of noise and dust from airfield works have been handled by TV Environmental Department and these have now been resolved

9    The Council is asking all residents to keep hedges alongside roads and paths trimmed well back.

10  The Picnic Tea for those in lockdown was gratefully received

Thruxton Volunteers

If you require any assistance during the COVID 19 crisis, please reach out to one of the primary volunteers who will do all that they can to help you. Please contact the Volunteer closest to your residence. This is by far the quickest way to obtain support. I understand that some residents have been contacting Unity which is fine, but you will get a much slower service as they cover a far wider area.

Rick Smart                          Stanbury Road                                         07786-246291

Martin & Sue King               Beech Close                                           Martin  07881-824 204

                                                                                                            Sue      07747-061 473

Callum Jackman                 Dauntsey Lane                                         07765-951 932

Loanne Lees                        Lambourne Way                                      07718-625 852

Donna Hyde                         Stanbury Road (Top)                               07962-177 878

Cat Boslem                          Village Street                                           07391-047 290

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The NDP Referendum planned for the 7th May was cancelled as a result of the COVID 19 crisis and we do not have any indication of when it will be rescheduled. However, Government legislation mandates that NDPs at the maturity state of ours must be taken fully into account by local authorities when considering Planning Applications. As soon as the PC know any details of a rescheduled Referendum, we will of course let you know.

A message from the church of St Peter & St Paul, Thruxton

At the time of writing Thruxton Church building is still closed to the public.  I would however like to stress that the churchyard is fully open and welcomes visitors.  You are also welcome to stroll around the outside of the church itself which is a 13th century building and in this gorgeous spring weather is looking lovely.  We hope to be able to open the church doors very soon but there will restrictions in force in terms of social distancing, hand sanitisers, etc. There will be a notice up outside church as soon as this is possible.  We also hope that services can resume in due course, again subject to restrictions.  At present we are having Zoom church services every Sunday morning at 10am.  I try to put the details on the village Facebook page every week but if you wish to know more please do get in touch with me, Sue King, Churchwarden, tel 07747 061473,  We look forward to welcoming you back very soon.                                           

 Thruxton Community Café

It is hoped that in July we will be able to run a café in the Hall Car Park.  Tea, coffee, soft drinks and cake will all be available at socially distanced tables giving you the chance to meet friends and neighbours for a chat whilst seated and comfy.

As soon as we know when we can open our ‘doors’ we will let you know.  Obviously, we will only be able to run the café on sunny days but watch this space for more details.

Thruxton Village Association

Thruxton Village Association continue to watch the unfolding situation with Coronavirus.  After careful consideration regrettably we have announced that this year’s Village Fete scheduled for Sat 20 Jun 20 will not be taking place.  Our ability to donate Grants this year will be under careful review as we have not so far been able to conduct any fundraising activities.

We will however look towards the future and when we are permitted to have social gatherings, we aim to join forces with all the other Village organisations to put on a suitably fitting Celebration that Thruxton can be proud off. Thruxton Village Association would also like to send a huge thank you to the wonderful Heather Bourner for securing additional funds as a joint venture so that we can make it an event to remember.

We will shortly be saying farewell to two of our fantastic Committee members Tom & Emma Gibbs who have been at the forefront of all VA activities. I would especially like to thank Tom as he has been the Treasurer and made great leaps forward with how we conduct our business practices. It is a great loss to us, but we wish them every success for their next adventure in Scotland.

We are now looking for new members to join this fantastic Village organisation either as a Committee member, supporter for events or donator of items for our events. Please get in touch with any of the following: Cat Boslem, Joanne Lees, Gill Odling, Jo Durant or email                      Regards, Cat Boslem xx

From the Hall

By now, we would usually have held our AGM.  Please be assured that this will happen as soon as possible. 

Government guidelines about the re-opening of buildings such as the Hall are expected in mid-June.  At that time, the Trustees will be in a far better place to judge what activities can and can’t take place in the Hall.  We will also then know (hopefully) what restrictions there will be and what steps we will need to take around such things as cleaning.

As reported last month, the Government grant we received has gone a long way to ameliorate our loss of revenue over the last 3 months but the Hall is still going to be in trouble if we have to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines for a long way into the future. 

It is hoped however, that we will be able to use the outside space soon and if the weather is kind to us, the Trustees have plans!

Regards Kate Christie xx



                    THRUXTON TIMES - MAY 2020 

                         Editor: Rick Smart – 07786246291   Published by the Parish Council

Dates for Diary         

Friday 8th May      VE DAY Celebration & Church Service

Friday 8th May      Bank Holiday

Sunday 10th May  Scarecrow Competition

Monday 25th May  Bank Holiday


Breaking News

1. VE DAY 8TH May -  the village is celebrating VE Day with a house decorating competition in the village. Please decorate your house with anything patriotic and there will be a prize for the Winners.

We will also be hosting a live Facebook broadcast at 3pm to join in the Toast to the Nation. Please join in if you can or tune into the various shows on TV to mark this special day.

2. Scarecrow Competition – the Village scarecrow competition ends on Sunday 10th of May. There is still time to display your handy work.

3. New job – well done to Lucy Milligan who started a new job this week working for the NHS between Salisbury District Hospital and Devizes hospitals as Assistant Psychologist

4. Fish and Chips – The White Horse Inn is offering a weekly Fish and Chip Takeaway service every Friday. To order you need to join the White Horse Inn Facebook Group and place your order via a message.

5. Scrubs – well done Kate Christie who along with a group of ladies in the Village has made Scrubs for the NHS – see next page for details

6. Scones – thanks Roger Oliver for baking delicious scones for the Children the other week and baking some more for VE Day – Yummy!!

7. Volunteers – a huge thank you to all the Volunteers who are keeping our community safe during this troubling time. A special thanks to Sue and Martin King who have worked tirelessly supporting the community the past 7 weeks xx

8. Village Noticeboards – we will try to post as much information as possible regarding advise, events and contact details on the Village notice boards to please take a moment to review during your daily exercise.

9. Grant – The Volunteer Group have been granted £500 from the police and Crime Commissioner to purchase personal safety equipment for themselves and the vulnerable members of our community

10. Sunflowers – Margaret Davis has sown some Sunflower seeds for a Children’s Competition in a few weeks.  They are “Teddy Bear” sunflowers, which have a double yellow flower

11. Face Masks – thanks Debi Foynes for making Face masks for the vulnerable

Please Join  The Thruxton Virus Volunteers’  Facebook group for all the latest news / events


Thruxton     Small  Village of  Year 2019

Update from Memorial Hall

Over the past weeks, the Village Hall has proudly played host to the bits and pieces belonging to the Virus Volunteers.  It seems such a small thing, but we are delighted to be able to help.

As you can imagine, the current loss of revenue to the Hall has been alarming.  We were thrilled therefore to receive a grant from the Government via TVBC that goes a very long way to cover those losses up until the summer.  We are already in discussion about how the Hall can be opened once more whilst ensuring the safety of all our users and await further guidance from the Government about when this might be possible.  When this happens, you will be the first to know!

Whilst the Hall has been closed, we have not been idle and when you come back to us you will see that the chairs have all been cleaned and that the floor of the lobby, corridor and main hall have all been worked on and are looking fantastic.  The contractors were all able to do the work at a time when social distancing was easily achievable.

When next you pass the Hall, take the time to notice the clean and tidy roadside and car park.  Max and Leo Bailey worked SO hard last week to make sure it was spic and span.  On behalf of the Trustees, thank you boys you did a great job! Kate Christie – Chairwoman Memorial Hall Trustees

VE Day Church Service

On Friday for VE DAY Ann Mckenzie is hosting a special Church Service at 10.15am via Zoom

VE DAY Zoom Church Service 10.15am

Join Zoom Meeting  

Meeting ID: 849 0460 9746


Parish Council Meeting 5/05/20 –         Chairman John Davis

1    The Chairman expressed the Council’s thanks to the Virus Volunteers and the plethora of village helpers who have performed many and individual tasks around the village.

 2    Notes for operation of the defibrillator, including the access code, will be widely available.

 3    The BT Box library will be repaired.

 4    Flashing road signs for the school were discussed but the Council is unhappy both with the proposed positioning and the cost.

 5    The Parish Council has been successful in obtaining a grant of £1500 from SSE for our carers and other supporting activities

 6    Planning application to fell a large pine tree at “The Moorings”  was agreed

 7    There are still two vacancies on the Parish council

 8    The Newsletter should go to all households.  This is for discussion on how best to achieve this.

 9    Recent pollution in the stream is being investigated

 10    The village traffic survey to back any road safety measures has been postponed

Suggestions and News

If anyone has any suggestions for morale boosting activities and events for the village, please do pass them on to Rick Smart. Of course, at the moment we are restricted by the government guidelines regarding the Virus, but any ideas are gratefully received.

Please also pass on any positive news that you may have or information on upcoming birthdays, anniversaries etc. I can only pass on News if I am sent it.

Finally, thanks to all of you for the way you are coping with the crisis. It seems that we are all observing the rules whilst still being able to keep our morale up. Well done all xx It’ll be over soon.

Scrubbers of Thruxton

A few weeks ago,  a call went out for people in the Thruxton, Fyfield and Kimpton area to make scrubs for the NHS.  The response was fantastic.  50 meters of fabric was donated by SewCreative in Petersfield and Taits Printers in Andover undertook printing 12 copies of HUGE patterns plus sets of instructions for free.  Early next week we hope to deliver 14 sets of scrubs, several face masks and several scrub bags to both Andover Hospital and the Countess Brecknock Hospice.  Some of the Scrubbers were experienced sewers, some had not sewn for many years and some had hardly ever sewn at all.  Every single set is perfect, and both the Hospital and the Hospice have expressed delight and gratitude for the donations.  Well done Scrubbers – wedding dresses next………!

Thruxton Volunteers

If you require any assistance during the COVID 19 crisis, please reach out to one of the primary volunteers who will do all that they can to help you. Please contact the Volunteer closest to your residence. This is by far the quickest way to obtain support. I understand that some residents have been contacting Unity which is fine, but you will get a much slower service as they cover a far wider area.

                              Who                                              Phone                                       Area

                           Rick Smart                                    07786-246 291                           Stanbury Road

                           Martin King                                   07881-824 204                            Beech Close

                           Sue King                                       07747-061 473                            Beech Close

                           Callum Jackman                          07765-951 932                            Dauntsey Lane

                           Joanne Lees                                07718-625 852                             Lambourne Way

                           Donna Hyde                                 07962-155 878                             Stanbury Road Top

                            Cat Boslem                                   07391-047 290                           Village Street                           


Neighbourhood Watch

We have posted flyers on the Village noticeboards alerting you to potential Scams during related to Covid 19. Same advice as always - read the note, know what to look out for and just ignore and delete ASAP. No Government body WILL EVER email you or send  a text like that. As for face masks - if you want one, get them from a  chemist or proper seller or make your own or wear a scarf!


Letter sent to Andover Advertiser – hopefully will be published 8th May

During times of crisis it is essential that communities pull together to support and care and support each other and there is no finer example of this than the Village of Thruxton. On 16th March a week prior to the Covid19 lockdown we formed a Village Volunteer Group and set up a fundraising initiative to support the residents through the crisis. Since then the group have raised £2500 from local residents as well as receive additional support grants from Test Valley Borough Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner. These funds have been used in a variety of ways including supplies for the elderly and vulnerable, treats and prizes for the children, home safety items for the vulnerable and much more.


The primary goal of the Volunteer group is to ensure that all vulnerable and self-isolating villagers are cared for and looked after. We collect prescriptions, provide lifts to hospital appointments and provide a weekly food delivery service. We are currently supporting 45 vulnerable residents including both adults and children. We have forged relationships with incredible local suppliers such as Kenyon’s, Tillydown Butchers and Londis at Weyhill whose support has enabled us to ensure that the vulnerable residents are well catered for. We phone residents on a regular basis to reassure them that they are not alone and that we are here to help in whatever way we can. Our other goal is to ensure that we do all we can to boost the morale within the Village. We recognise the importance of Mental Health and with a large age range within the village we are a truly inclusive community helping each other. We have hosted multiple moral boosting initiatives within the village such as children’s art competitions, quizzes, raffles, treasure hunts, Easter day and St Georges day celebrations. The children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea in their gardens where they tucked into beautiful fruit scones made by local resident Roger Oliver. We have Chalkboards made by local resident Richard Earp located throughout the village onto which we post messages and thanks for people to view on their daily exercise outings. We have a village Facebook page onto which we post news, activities and special messages. We also host a live online broadcast at 6pm each evening on which we thank key workers, pay our respects to those that have passed, inform residents of village activities and news and in short do all we can to boost morale. We have hosted special Live Broadcasts such as on Easter Sunday when residents Sue King and Cat Boslem delivered a very moving online service.

We have recognised the achievements of the wider community such as the NHS, key workers and Capt. Tom Moore for whom we held a special online service hosted by resident Martin King. We held an online raffle and were able to use some of the proceeds to donate to the Capt. Tom Moore’s fund for the NHS. We also have a group of residents headed up by Kate Christie who have been making scrubs for the NHS, and other residents such as Debi Foynes who have made wonderful crafts for the children. Many residents have donated prizes, toys and books for the children and generally done all that they can to help others. We have received incredible support and guidance from TVBC Cllrs Phil and Linda Lashbrook who have been fully supportive of all we are doing in the village. We are currently running a Scarecrow competition and plan to celebrate VE Day when we will be delivering a homemade afternoon tea to the Vulnerable residents of the village. Roger Oliver will be baking 140 Scones whilst others will provide sandwiches as we mark this special day as best we can.

The residents have been amazing throughout this crisis none more so than the children of the village. Their enthusiasm, caring and funny nature and amazing talents have been an inspiration to all. For example, last Saturday evening 13-year-old Ollie Hewett hosted the online live broadcast where he demonstrated a fun maths game he had devised for his younger brothers Fred and Rory Jackman. Other children have baked cakes, painted stones for others to find, made wonderful cards and pictures and generally been an inspiration to the older generation. We recognise that there is still a long way to go with the crisis and we are committed to ensuring that every resident is cared for and that we do all we can to boost morale. Last year we won the Hampshire Small Village of the Year and I truly believe that we will come out of this crisis with an even stronger community spirit. We will have learned new skills, formed new relationships, and have an incredible respect for all those key workers that do so much to keep our village and the wider community safe. I am proud to be a resident of such an incredible community. Richard Smart – Head of Thruxton Volunteers


                   THRUXTON  TIMES – MARCH 2020 

                          Thruxton Times    Editor: Rick Smart  Published by the Parish council


Dates for Diary  

Every Friday 7pm                            Pub Meat Draw

Every Sunday                                   Exercise Class on Sports Field

Friday 13th March                             Quiz n Chips Evening

Weds 25th March                               Gardening Club

Friday 10th April                                Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday 12TH April                             Easter Sunday

Thursday 7th May                              Election of PCC and Village Referendum

Friday 8th May                                    VE DAY Celebration

Saturday 30th May                              Jumble Sale

Saturday 20th June                              Village Fete


Breaking News

1. Village Fete Date is Saturday 20th June so please mark in your calendars. If you have any donations for the stalls, please contact Cat Boslem.

2. Tash Fest – The Annual Tash fest Dog Show and Bake Sale will be on the 2nd May 1pm till 4pm at the green. There will be 8 fun dog show classes this year along with Cakes, face painting and other family fun activities. We will also be holding a doggy bandana design competition and the winner will be announced at the bake sale (will post template on Facebook). This year we will be raising money for 2 charities the Humanimal trust and my own charity Bellas Hope Foundation which I have created to educate people on service / assistant dogs.

If anyone would like to volunteer or donate anything message/email me.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Natasha Richardson (aged 14)

3. We will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday

4. Jumble Sale – there will be a Jumble Sale in the Village Hall on Saturday 30th May so please bear in mind if you are having a Spring Clean.

 Quiz 'n Chips

Annual Quiz ‘n Chip evening will be held on Friday 13th March (will this date be a good or bad omen !!).  Teams of 4.  Please register your Team name with John on 772711 as early as possible as there is only enough space for 10 or 11 teams.  Money (£40/table of 4 to include supper) will be collected on the night.  This is a light-hearted evening  and teams should average about 6/10 on each round.


Thruxton War Memorial Committee and The Village Association plan to hold a joint VE Day celebration to remember and honour our heroes who died in the Second World War. On Friday 8th May at 2.55pm there will be a commemorative service around the flag on the village green. This will be followed by a  ‘Tea Dance’ in the Village Hall from 3.30-6 pm to joyously celebrate as people did 75 years ago , the arrival of peace in Europe.

Tickets will be £5 a head to include afternoon tea, so come along and enjoy a sandwich spam and others whilst listening to music of the era! This will be a fun afternoon, people are encouraged to dress 1940s style and do not worry if you have two left feet dancing is not compulsory! There will be jive lessons, raffle and bar. Please put the date in your diary . We would welcome any offers of home baked cakes and donations for raffle prizes and if you have any memorabilia you are happy to share on the day please let us know . To pre-book or offer help in any way please contact Carolyn on 773048 or

Thruxton Small  Village of the Year 2019

Thruxton Cinema

On Friday 27th March 2020 Thruxton Cinema will be showing "Downton Abbey – the film" a drama with romance and Intrigue (PG). The beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the king and queen of England soon unleashes scandal, romance and intrigue -- leaving the future of Downton hanging in the balance.

Ticket Entry is £6.00pp if pre-booked from Nigel at - Tel 773993, Carolyn at - Tel 773048, OR arrive at the door on the night and the Ticket will be £7.00pp.    

Cash bar opens at 7.00pm - films start at 7.30pm.


On 7th May 2020 we urge you to vote in the Referendum for the Thruxton Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Thruxton Memorial Hall will be open 7am- 10pm, awaiting your vote.

This is your village plan and your vote really does count, so please please do VOTE and shape the future of development in your Parish.

Watch out for further details – through your letter box, in the post, on Parish noticeboards, on the Parish website, on Facebook and in next month’s Thruxton Times.

Gardening Club

Thank you to everyone who turned up for a very interesting talk by Janette at our last meeting.  Our next meeting is on Wed 25th March when Ted & Keith will be hosting Gardeners Question Time.  Please come along with any gardening related questions for them, they are a mine of information!  Non-members are also very welcome. Contact - Louise on contact Louise Cushine if interested -


Parish Council Meeting 4/03/20 –         Chairman John Davis

1. Rick Smart requested Council approval to host a Kids Easter Hunt on the Village Green and for Natasha to host her Dog Show in May. Both were approved and encouraged by the Council.

2. A member of the public raised the issue of a Truck causing damage to 5 vehicles in the Village and the police refusing to respond. The Council will once more hassle HCC to see what can be done to reduce speed and prevent lorries.

3. Madam Clerk used her charms to get Southern Water to resolve the drainage issue at bottom of Halycon Drive. Also Chairman thanked Martin King for sorting out the drains near the flyover.

4. Madam Clerk advised that she had contacted HCC to complain about the mess left by the footpath contractors. They even managed to concrete their empty lunch bag into the pavement!

5. Cllr Oliver advised the new grit bin has been repositioned by the church on concrete slabs. The PC thanked Roger and his team of helpers. Roger also requested £280 for repairs to the roof of the slide at the playground to ensure that it is watertight. Finally it was agreed to put the picnic benches in storage so they can be dried, treated and ready for Spring Summer season.

6. Cllr Graham advised that the newly planted Cherry Tree in Mandy Garden was splendid.

7. Cllr Oliver reported that the stream was in fine fettle and new plants will be sown in March.

8. The resident of 22 Lambourne Close attended the meeting to raise concerns over the drainage soak away in their garden which is an eyesore and in breach of regulations. TVBC Cllr Lashbrook is reviewing the file and will get back to us.

9. The Roadworks Signs left previously by contractors have finally been removed.

10. Cllr Harris advised that a resident had some spare safety matting for the Sports Field play area. She also suggested that Dog Poo bags be supplied for the green and the Sports field.

11. Cllr Graham requested £50 for 2 new trees in Mandy Garden which was approved.

12. As per the norm Madame Clerky has the finances in order. She noted that the Street Light Maintenance Contract was increasing by 10%.

13. The Parish Council received 2 quotes for the Village Green Maintenance Contract and voted in favour of Contractor Ray Welch.

14. Steve Counsell updated the Council on the NDP which has now passed the Examination Phase and their will be a critical Referendum for Parishioners on 7th May 2020.

15. HCC Cllr Books advised that the Council were litter picking in the area especially slip roads etc.

16. Cllr Davis advised of the importance of Environmental matters and if anyone would be interested in the role of the Village Environmental Co-Ordinator then please get in touch.

17. Next meeting Wednesday 4th March.                                            


Update from Charles Milner Williams

1.  The late much-lamented John McKenzie and I went to a lot of trouble to compile and were proud of our New Villagers Welcome letter.  A vital part of this was a list of all the organisations in the village and their contact points.  Now I learn that we are breaking the law (General Data Protection Regulations) by giving new villagers that warm and friendly welcome letter – because the named and identifiable leaders of all those wonderful village organisations have not given their consent to the distribution of their contact details. I ask you, why else would they run their activity if not to hear from new members.  Either we no longer trust anyone, or we are being discouraged from being human.  Cat Boslem, Chair of the Village Association may have a view on the future of this.

2.  Today I have received three requests from villagers wanting a Circuit Pass – these are now dealt with by John Davis, the returning Chairman of the Parish Council; also, at least two people have asked for keys to the dog walking field.  This authentication is now done by Heather Bourner, our Parish Clerk.  Have a look at the village website:

3. Wheels grind slowly but it seems that we will be moving sometime this Spring.  After 20 years we seem to have accumulated quite a lot so Margaret and I will probably be holding a Garage Sale.  We will let you know.  Similarly, with quite a bit of help from our friends, we will be holding a “come along and make sure we really are leaving party” in the Hall.   This will probably take place after we have left and probably in the Easter Hols so as not to inconvenience Louise and her little dancers! 

Neighbourhood Watch (NW)  - Kate Phillipson

Just a reminder that we do have a NW scheme running throughout the Parish. In addition to looking out for each other and reporting anything worrying, the scheme feeds down relevant police advice to those who are signed up. For example, you may not know that there has been a  spate of thefts from sheds and summerhouses in the area……people who are part of the scheme already know!

Remember -  call 999 if a burglary/something serious is happening, 101 for suspicious activity/anti-social behaviour etc

Kate Phillipson (772875 and has taken over the NW lead from Charles Milner-Williams (yet another 'thank you' to Charles!). Helen James and Martin King are also helping. If you would like to join up, please let Kate know and she will send you info. on the scheme. The scheme works on email, but if you would like to join up but don’t have a  computer, call Kate and we will see what we can sort out.

NW Volunteers needed - Due to pressures on police time and manpower, a scheme has been set up which will train volunteers to seek out and properly summarise incident reports to provide the information that the NW schemes rely on. The expectation is that a commitment of at least 2 hours a week will be needed. Volunteers will be vetted, interviewed and trained. Obviously, this is not something to take on lightly, but if you have spare hours each week, can commit to something reasonably regular, and fancy an interesting volunteering role with the police, this could be for you! For more info contact Kate Phillipson on 772875 or


                                THRUXTON  TIMES - FEBRUARY 2020


  Breaking News  

1. Village Fete Date is Saturday 20th June so please mark in your calendars. If you have any donations for the stalls, please contact Cat Boslem.

2. Quiz Night - Many thanks to all of you who came to the pub quiz last night in aid of the Well Child Charity. 15 teams took part with Emma Gibbs team coming out on top and Helene Smart team coming 14 places behind them. We raised £350 on the raffle £150 on entry money and another £300 from donations. Thank you so much for your generosity. A huge thanks to those people who donated raffle prizes Anthony Rushton, Tamsin Godfrey-Davies, Kelly Milligan, Joanne Lees, Karen Baggott, Janet Ledingham, Tony Leach, Julie Francis, Rosebourne, Londis,  Eden beauty - great prizes thank you.

Now julie and I have to run a half marathon on 1st March - eek!!

3. We will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday Afternoon this year with a Quiz / Games evening in the White Horse later on. Please save the date April 10th.

4. VE Day – Friday 8th May marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The Early May Bank Holiday has been moved from Monday 4th to Friday 8th. Would anyone be interested in a VE Day party on the green or in the Hall? Would anyone be prepared to help? Please contact Richard Smart if interested.

Dates for your Diary

Every Friday 7pm                      Pub Meat Draw

Every Sunday                            Exercise Class on Sports Field

Weds 19th Feb                          Fish n Chip Lunch

Weds 26th Feb                          Gardening Club

Friday 28th Feb                         Thruxton Cinema

Friday 13th March                     Quiz n Chips

Weds 25th March                      Gardening Club

Friday 10th April                        Easter Egg Hunt

Friday 10th April                        Charity Pub Night

Sunday 12TH April                    Easter Sunday

Thursday 7th May                     NDP Referendum

Friday 8th May                          VE DAY

Saturday 20th June                 Village Fete


Fish ‘n’ Chips Events

The Community Club Fish ‘n Chip lunch is on Wednesday 19 February.  There is still time to book your place at the Lunch before Sunday 16th Feb if you have not already done so.  Please contact John on 772711, who will need your £6 payment up front.

The annual Quiz ‘n Chip evening will be held on Friday 13th March (will this date be a good or bad omen !!).  Teams of 4.  Please register your Team name with John on 772711 as early as possible as there is only enough space for 10 or 11 teams.  Money (£40/table of 4 to include supper) will be collected on the night.  This is a light-hearted evening  and teams should average about 6/10 on each round

Who are the brainiest bunch in the Village?


I am very sad to report that John Borrett of Stanbury Road passed away on New Year’s Eve. John lived in the village all his life and a kinder more caring man you could not wish to meet. He was a great neighbour to me and lent me his gardening tools, gave me advice and invited us all around to see his amazing collection of old village photos which was a very memorable evening. John loved to potter around in his garden and seemingly never sat still for long!! A real family man who loved spending time with his wife, children and especially his grandchildren. A truly wonderful man who will be sorely missed by friends and family. RIP John xx

I am also sad to report that former resident (1975-1988) of Thruxton of Brook Lodge, Village Street, John Gill died on 5th January 2020 aged 76 and a Memorial service (announced in the Andover Advertiser) was held last Friday in Christchurch attended by over 600. RIP John xx

Thruxton     Small Village of Year 2019  


Thanks from Charles

As reported Charles Milner-Williams has sadly resigned as Chairman of the Parish Council after many years of service. Charles and Margaret are moving to a retirement home and we wish them well. In his resignation letter Charles commended the Parish Council and Madame Clerk for all they do and wished them well. He also commended all the work done on the NDP and the commitment of the team. He commented on what a wonderful Village Thruxton is and how he and Margaret will miss the wonderful community. They have been deeply moved by all the tributes, words of appreciation and gifts that they have received from Villagers and beyond. They would like to thank everyone for their kindness and wish the residents of Thruxton all the best for the future.

Editor Note: What a gentleman xx

Thruxton Cinema

On Friday 28th February 2020 Thruxton Cinema will be showing "JUDY" a drama history romance (12A). It is winter 1968, “Judy” finds her star struggling to stay afloat in Los Angeles and London. Although she gives her everything on stage, behind-the-scenes, she’s broke and in desperate need of another break. She leaves her two younger children, Lorna and Joe, in the care of their father Sidney (Rufus Sewell) in Los Angeles and embarks on yet another redemption tour in England that would help revitalize both her reputation and her fortunes. starring Renee Zellweger as Judy.

Ticket Entry is £6.00pp if pre-booked from Nigel at - Tel 773993, Carolyn at - Tel 773048, OR arrive at the door on the night and the Ticket will be £7.00pp.    

Cash bar opens at 7.00pm - films start at 7.30pm.

Gardening Club

Thank you to all who turned up for our first meeting of the year.  Thank you too to Keith Boxall who stepped in at the last minute to give us a talk on Delphiniums, Daffodils and Fuchsias.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 26th February when Janette Merillion will be giving us a talk on 'Plants for Difficult Places'.

All are welcome to join us.

Please contact Louise Cushine if interested -


Parish Council Meeting 5/02/20 –         Chairman John Davis

1. John Davis read out the formal resignation letter received from outgoing Chairman Charles Milner Williams.

2. Cllr Graham proposed John Davis to be Parish Council Chairman and Cllr Oliver seconded the motion which was passed by the Council.

3. Cllr Davis proposed Peter Christie as Vice Chairman Parish Council & Cllr Harris seconded the motion which was passed by the Council.

4. The issue of surface water at the foot of Halcyon Drive was raised by the public. Madame Clerk has reported to HCC. The public also raised the issue of erosion to bank by the wall of the village caused by traffic pulling onto the verge. Clerky to email details to HCC Cllr Brooks.

5. Cllr Oliver advised the new grit bin had been positioned by the church but sadly not in the location requested. Relocation is planned.

6. Cllr Davis advised that the Village Emergency Plan Committee had met and were reviewing what grants and equipment may be available.

7. Cllr Oliver reported that the stream was in fine fettle and new plants will be sown in March.

8. The resident of 22 Lambourne Close attended the meeting to raise concerns over the drainage soak away in their garden which is an eyesore and in breach of regulations. TVBC Cllr Lashbrook is reviewing the file and will get back to us.

9. The Roadworks Signs left previously by contractors have finally been removed.

10. Cllr Harris advised that a resident had some spare safety matting for the Sports Field play area. She also suggested that Dog Poo bags be supplied for the green and the Sports field.

11. Cllr Graham requested £50 for 2 new trees in Mandy Garden which was approved.

12. As per the norm Madame Clerky has the finances in order. She noted that the Street Light Maintenance Contract was increasing by 10%.

13. The Parish Council received 2 quotes for the Village Green Maintenance Contract and voted in favour of Contractor Ray Welch.

14. Steve Counsell updated the Council on the NDP which has now passed the Examination Phase and their will be a critical Referendum for Parishioners on 7th May 2020.

15. HCC Cllr Books advised that the Council were litter picking in the area especially slip roads etc.

16. Cllr Davis advised of the importance of Environmental matters and if anyone would be interested in the role of the Village Environmental Co-Ordinator then please get in touch.

17. Next meeting Wednesday 4th March.                                            


Emergency Support in the Event of a Prolonged Power Cut

A representative from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) attended the recent parish meeting and gave a brief presentation about how they can help communities become more resilient in the event of a prolonged power cut.

They talked through their Priority Services Register that residents who may need extra support during a power cut can sign up to. Those eligible to join the Priority services are:

  1. Those dependent on electricity for medical home care e.g. Kidney dialysis machine/ventilator
  2. Those who have a chronic illness or short-term medical condition e.g. recovering from a major operation
  3. Those who are disabled
  4. Those who have special communication needs e.g. blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing
  5. Those who have children under five years old
  6. Those who are over 60 years old

To register with the priority service, you can contact your Village Agent Tricia Harris, telephone number 01264 771493 who is able to help with the form filling. Alternatively, you can call Scottish Southern Electricity Networks FREE on 0800 294 3259 from a landline or mobile. Or 0800 316 5457 from a textphone. Information leaflets have been left with Tricia Harris and the Parish council.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Update

The NDP has passed the Examination stage, not without some drama, and we are now moving on to prepare the "Referendum Standard NDP". We are expecting the Referendum to be held on the 7 MAY 2020 to coincide with the election for the Police and Crime Commissioner. It is essential that Parishioners vote as the more support we have at the Referendum the more weight the NDP will carry if Planning Applications are contentious. There will be opportunities for Parishioners to read and understand the "Referendum Standard NDP" before the 7 MAY as it will be publicised by TVBC in advance. Copies will be available at Beechurst and the Library soft copy on the TVBC and Parish websites. We expect hard copies to be available from the PC. Steering Group (SG) members will I'm sure be available to answer questions.

Free Exercise Class

If you are looking to get a bit fitter this year don’t forget that there is a free exercise class at the Sports Field every Sunday at 10.00 am. The class is run by a professional, fully qualified instructor and those residents that have been attending regularly are really starting to notice a difference. Just register for free and then book your sessions:

Editor’s Note

As mentioned in previous publications if you have any good news or positive stories to share with the Village please do let me have them at I can’t publish your achievements or good news in the Times unless I know about them!

If you have any concerns with Village Life i.e. speeding, litter, dog poo, fireworks, school traffic etc. your best forum for discussion is the Parish Council meeting which is held on the first Wednesday of every month. Towards the start of the meeting there is an agenda item ‘Public Participation’ which allows you to raise any issues that you may have. Alternatively, you can contact the Parish Clerk Heather Bourner and ask for a specific issue be added to the agenda.

If anyone has any ideas for social events in the Village please do get in touch and I can discuss with the Sports Trust, Parish Council and Village Association to see what we can do. We want to ensure that we offer a wide ranging and inclusive calendar of events for our wonderful village.






                    THRUXTON  TIMES – December 2019   

        Editor: Rick Smart – 07786246291 /  Published by Thruxton Parish Council

Dates for Diary

Every Friday 7pm                   Pub Meat Draw

Every Sunday 10am              Exercise Class

Friday 13th Dec                     Children’s Play

Saturday 21st Dec                 Santa in the Village

Saturday 21st Dec                 Church Carols

Sunday 22nd Dec                   Andover Choir

Monday 23rd Dec                   Kimpton Carols

Tuesday 24th Dec                  Midnight Communion

Weds 25th Dec                       CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Tuesday 31st Dec                   New Year Party at The White Horse – free Buffet and Music


Breaking News

1. Church Tidy Up – many thanks to all the residents who gave up their time to spruce up the Church both inside and out. We really appreciate your help x

2. Church Christmas Fair – the fair held on the 1st December was a resounding success. A huge thanks to everyone who came along to the Christmas Fair on Sunday. We raised over £1,000 for the church and I am truly indebted to everyone who helped set up, ran a stall and cleared up at the end.  A traditional village event over for another year! Love Sue King xx

3. Remembrance Run and Quiz – a big thank you to all who took part or sponsored the Remembrance Run and Quiz on 9th November. Several Villagers braved the wind and rain to complete 11.11km course before settling down in the pub for a Remembrance Quiz. A staggering £760 was raised for the Soldiers Charity. Thanks so much for your support xx

4. Carols by Candlelight - Thruxton Church, 5pm Saturday 21st December

5. Midnight Communion - Thruxton Church, 11pm Tuesday 24th December

6. Sponsored Head Shave – well done to Teenager Maisey Rowles who bravely had her hair shaved off to help fund her  expedition to Borneo xx

Thanks to the TT Dream Team

Have you ever wondered how the Times arrives at your doorstep? Well its thanks to a team of village volunteers who brave all weathers to deliver the news. On behalf of the village thank you so much to Eleanor Vessey, Janet Hopkins, Jackie Salmon, Pam Alderson, Peggy Thorne, Alastair Currie, Sue King, Terry Strong, Dave Griffiths, Ollie Allwright, Marion Hoskins, Ann Lockwood, and the late John McKenzie. Thank you all so much xx

Memorial Hall News & Events

A Christmas Knight   Tickets are still available for this wonderful play for children aged 4 – 11.  It promises to be a truly magical performance produced by a professional theatre company which includes a world-famous puppeteer.  Tickets are priced at £8 for one adult and one child, and £2ea for extra children.  We are also hoping that a special visitor will make an appearance!! To get your tickets call Beth on 07515 854933 – if you have young children (or grandchildren) you really won’t want to miss this.

Andover Ladies Choir

Without doubt, the best way to start the last leg of the run up to Christmas is a concert with lovely music and carols.  This year, ALC are putting on two concerts in aid of the Thruxton Memorial Hall and our beloved church.  They are both on December 22nd, one at 4.00pm the other at 7.00pm.  Tickets are limited and are selling fast – so please come along and support not only the choir, but also two of Thruxton’s most iconic features.  Tickets are priced at £10 for adults, £5 for children, and include an interval beverage!  Call Beth on 07515 854933 to book and start your Christmas with a warm glow.

The Trustees of the Hall wish everyone in Thruxton a very Merry Christmas and we hope to see all of you at our many events in 2020. Kate Christie xx


Thruxton Small Village of  Year 2019  


New Year Resolution

If you fancy getting fit in the New Year, then come along to the Free Exercise Class every Sunday at 10am on the Sports Field. The instructor is excellent and caters for all fitness levels. It is also a great way to socialise with other Villagers.

Please do try and attend if you can. You can register at

Thruxton Cinema

We had a marvellous night with the ‘Fisherman’s Friends’. It was a wonderful film and the atmosphere in the hall was electric.  There was much singing along and the villagers went home with huge smiles on their faces.

We are not showing a film in December. We have booked the following films for the Spring series:-

On Friday 31st January 2020 - "Yesterday" (12A) - A Musical with Comedy and Drama.  If you liked the "Beatles" you will like this.

On Friday 28th February 2020 - "Judy" - (12A) - A Biopic Drama - Renee Zellweger plays the part of Judy Garland.

On Friday 27th March 2020 - "Downton Abbey - the film"(PG) - Drama with scandal, romance and intrigue.

On Friday 24th April 2020 - "The Good Liar" (15) - Drama

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year and wish all our supporters/readers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous new Year.

Ticket Entry is £6.00pp if pre-booked from Nigel at - Tel 773993, Carolyn at - Tel 773048, OR arrive at the door on the night and the Ticket will be £7.00pp.    

Cash bar opens at 7.00pm - films start at 7.30pm.

Gardening Club

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all who supported Gardening Club this year and wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year. See you all on 29th January 2020 for our next meeting - don't forget there is no meeting in December. Merry Christmas xx


Parish Council Meeting 4/12/19 –         Chairman Charles Milner-Williams

1. Grit Bin Lambourne close has been filled.

2. There is a vacancy for a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator – contact Heather Bourner if keen.

3. Safety Matting at the Sports Field will be replaced / repaired in the Spring.

4. Cllr Davis advised Advisory Committee had met to discuss the Village Emergency Plan. He stated there was the possibility of equipment such as a generator from Scottish Electric. Fingers crossed!

5. Cllr Christie advised that he is monitoring where the recovery lorry at the top of Stanbury Road is parked. It is very dangerous when on the corner.

6. Cllr Oliver advised that the spraying of weeds in the stream was going well. He also commented on the high standard of tree surgery at Ninepins. Finally, he has the materials to repair one of the Noticeboards – he’s a busy lad is our Roger!!

7. The Chairman commended Cllr Harris for her work as Village Agent which has had a really positive impact for the elderly village residents x

8. Madame Clerk (Clerky) advised that 3 quotes had been received for the Village Green maintenance contract and were under review. Clerky also advised that the Community Payback Workers were carrying out work at the Hall and Mandy Garden on 20th December. Clerky also advised that she had contacted the Post Office regarding the missing Post Box at top Stanbury Road – they have agreed to replace. Finally, Clerky advised she has the finances in order.

9. Cllr Davis advised that a compromise had been reached between 15 Lambourne Way and Hazlehurst regarding tree work. The planning issue at 19 Stanbury Close is ongoing but Cllr Davis advised that it was no longer a PC issue. A planning application has been received for an extension to 15 Lambourne Way.

10. The Defibrillator at George House is being reviewed as concerns around ease of use.

11. The main event of the evening was recognising the years of dedication of Charles Milner-Williams who has sadly stepped down as Chairman of the Council. Letters of thanks to Charles from The Mayor and MP Kit Malthouse were received and read out by Clerky. Cllr Davis also thanked Charles for all his years of dedicated service to the Parish Council and presented a Certificate. TT Editor Rick Smart thanked Charles on behalf of the residents for all he has done for the village and presented him with a photobook of village memories. Charles gave a heartfelt speech of thanks. Cllr Christie and Davis kindly laid on some wine after the meeting to toast Charles xx                                            


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Its hard to believe the year is nearly over but what a year it has been for Thruxton. Our village Events were awesome whether it was the The Village Fete, VA Music Events, Church Fair, Teddy Drop at the Church, Gin Jog, Remembrance Run, Community Club Lunch, Hall Events the list just goes on. Then we have all our various clubs and organizations – progressive supper, gardening club, Thruxton Cinema, book clubs, craft clubs etc. We surely have more going on than other villages in the area which combined with our inclusive outlook, charitable conscience and community spirit helped us scoop the Hampshire Small Village of the Year Award 2019!! Thank you to all of you who organize, attend, or volunteer at all our events and clubs – Thruxton is a great place to be!!

2019 saw Margaret and Charles Milner-Williams step down from their roles as Chair or the Hall Trustees and Parish Councils respectively. We thank them both for their years of dedication to Thruxton. Thanks also to the Parish Council – John Davis, Peter Christie, Heather Bourner, Roger Oliver, Tricia Harris, Janet Graham for handling the ‘red tape’ of government on our behalf. Thanks especially to Roger Oliver whose Stream Clearing initiative, and general maintenance activities in the village is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the Church Wardens Sue King and Christine Barrett for ensuring the church is in great order. Thanks to Cat Boslem and the amazing Village Association whose events such as kids Halloween are epic. Thanks to the new Flag master Richard Thorne for upholding the tradition and to the anonymous gent who maintains the Library. Finally, thanks to the unsung heroes who voluntarily pick up litter. Thruxton salutes you all! We had 3 weddings as well this year and wish the newly weds health and happiness. We are lucky to live in such a great village, and it is thanks to all of you that it continues to go from strength to strength. Have a great Christmas and New Year xx

Thruxton Legend Charles Milner-Williams

On 4/12/2019 Charles Milner-Williams stepped down as Chairman on the Thruxton Parish Council after many years of service. On behalf of the residents I presented him with a photobook of memories as a thanks for all that he has done for the village. On your behalf I wrote the following in the book:

On behalf of the residents of Thruxton I would like to offer our sincere heartfelt thanks for everything that you have done for Thruxton over the years. You have been a pillar of the community and your energy and dedication to the good of the village is unrivalled. You always managed to embrace all the villagers and offered them all the same warm welcome. Your years of service as Chairman of the Parish Council has quite simply made Thruxton the envy of the borough and beyond. Your support for village events knows no bounds nor does your advice, expertise and assistance for residents. Thruxton truly owes you a debt of gratitude. You are a true gentleman and all-round good bloke. We wish Margaret and yourself a long and happy life in Romsey. We will miss you both - please do come back and see us from time to time. Much love and fond memories xxx

Do You Have Any Small Jobs You Need Doing?

Want to Go Out on A Friday Or Saturday Night but There Is No One To Watch the Kids? Need to Walk the Dog but Your Just Not in The Mood? Well Look No Further! My name is Maisey Rowles, I am 14 years old and I can do it for you. I am very responsible, organised and confident. I am a hard worker and trustworthy. I am based mainly in Thruxton, but I can work in surrounding villages if necessary. I am available to work between 4-8pm on most school nights and 11am – 11 pm on weekends. I charge an average of £6 an hour but this may change depending on the job (I will tell you the cost in advance). I will reply as fast as possible but as I am still in school, I am not always able to reply straight away. If you are interested, please contact me at: Email – Phone number – 07825 884796

GCSE Revision Notes Sale

Emily Smart of Stanbury has a selection of hand-written GCSE notes and official revision guides available for sale. With GCSE Mock Examinations fast approaching these may provide a valuable addition to your revision schedule. The following items are available:

1. Extensive Hand-written notes & Text books for AQA Combined Science – Emily scored 9 and 8

2. Extensive Hand-written notes for AQA History – Emily Scored 7

3. Extensive Hand-written notes & Snap Revision guides for AQA English Literature (Macbeth, Christmas Carol, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time – Emily scored 8

4. Extensive Hand-written notes on Pearson Edexcel Maths – Emily scored 7

Please contact Emily on or 07771333782 if interested.


              THRUXTON  TIMES  NOVEMBER 2019

                                                    Thruxton Times – November 2019   Editor: Rick Smart

Dates for Diary

Every Friday 7pm     Pub Meat Draw

Every Sunday           Exercise Class

Saturday 16th Nov   Church Tidy Up

Saturday 23rd Nov   Open Art Studio

Sunday 24th Nov     Yoga in the Hall

Weds 27th Nov        Gardening Club Quiz

Friday 29th Nov       Thruxton Cinema

Saturday 30th Nov  Charity Head Shave

Sunday 1st Dec      Church Xmas Fair

Sunday 1st Dec      Carol Service

Sunday 8th Dec      Yoga in the Hall

Weds 11th Dec        Xmas Tea Party

Friday 13th Dec      Children’s Play

Sunday 22nd Dec   Andover Choir

Monday 23rd Dec    Carol Service


Breaking News

1. Newlyweds – congratulations to Thruxton newlyweds Catt and Callum Jackman and Steve and Amy Oliver. Have a long and happy life together xx

2. Gingerbread Competition – Natasha Richardson aged 14 is running a Gingerbread Design Competition. Full details on Thruxton Times FB page or contact

3. Charity Head Shave - Maisey Rowles aged 14 is planning a trip of a lifetime to Borneo in 2020. To take part she must raise £4350 and her first fund raiser is on November 30th when Maisey plans to shave her hair off!! This is a brave thing to commit to so please support Maisey and sponsor her at

4. Local legend – the term legend is often used too freely but in the case of Thruxton Resident Geordie Stewart it is possibly an understatement. Geordie has just returned from a little bike ride – well I say little he cycled 22,500 around the world!! How cool is that!! The whole trip took him 430 days. He averaged 80-90 miles per days and spent over 200 nights wild camping! This adventure follows his earlier achievement of becoming the youngest Briton to climb the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents. Thruxton salutes you Geordie xx Read more at

Thruxton was winner of the Hampshire Small Village of Year 2019

Children’s Christmas Play

The Trustees of the Hall and the VA are delighted to announce that on Friday 13th December at 4.30pm, a professional puppet group will perform a “Knights Tale”. This is a tale of a Christmas contest in the kingdom of Bravely, to find folk that have what it takes to become a knight. Aimed at those between 4 and 11, this is a perfect start to Christmas, and we may even have a special visitor at the end of the play! The tickets will be priced at £8 per adult and include one child.  Any extra children up to age 11 will be charged at £2.  Under 3’s will be free.  The tickets will go on general sale later in the month, but we are giving Thruxton residents priority.  Please don’t delay in getting your tickets – we can only accommodate a limited number, so please book your place (s) by calling Beth on 07515 854933.


It is with great sadness that I must report on the passing of two much loved villagers Doreen Woodward and John McKenzie. Doreen was a very popular resident of Lovell Close who loved her gardening and always made a generous donation of fruit and vegetables to the Village fete. RIP Doreen xx John was well known in the village and a kinder man you could not wish to meet. I have received the following note from his widow Ann. RIP John xx

A message from the McKenzie’s:

When John had to be admitted to hospital on 19th October, the word soon got around and many messages came in. When I relayed them to John, he was very moved by the concern and kindness shown and said, “we must put a big Thank-you in TT”. So, this is it, on his behalf. I now want to add my thanks and those of our daughters for the amazing and humbling number of comments on Facebook, and of cards, letters, emails. Your appreciation of and affection for John touch us deeply; your recollections have added to our store of lovely memories. He will never be forgotten by so many people and that is the most special tribute. May he rest in peace.

Love (Revd) Ann


De Fakto Singers

The De Fakto Singers will be welcoming Advent with a special carol service on Sunday 1st December at 6.00p.m. in Kimpton Church and then further carols on Monday 23rd December at 7.00p.m. also at Kimpton. 

Church News

I am pleased to advise that all the tables have now been taken at the Church Xmas fair which is great news. Please save the date 1st December 11am and come along. There is variety of quality goods for sale - printed textiles, embroidered gifts, greetings cards, chocolate, photography, etc and lots for the children to do - tattoos, karaoke, decorating gingerbread men, treasure hunt, etc, plus the usual games and stalls. Refreshments and mulled wine also available.

Treasurer – we are looking for a Church Treasurer. If interested please contact either Sue King, / 07747 061473 or Christine Barrett, / 07933 352855 for further details.


Thruxton Cinema

On Friday 29th November 2019 Thruxton Cinema will be showing "FISHERMAN's FRIENDS" a Musical Comedy Drama set in Cornwall (12A). The film is based on a true story about a group of Cornish fishermen in Port Isaac who achieved a top 10 hit. The film plots the fast living, cynical London music executive who reluctantly heads to Cornwall on a colleague's stag weekend where he is pranked by his boss into trying to sign up a group of sea shanty-singing fishermen. He finds himself drawn into the community, his integrity tested and ultimately is shown the meaning of loyalty, love and friendship

Ticket Entry is £6.00pp if pre-booked from Nigel at - Tel 773993, Carolyn at - Tel 773048, OR arrive at the door on the night and the Ticket will be £7.00pp  Cash bar opens at 7.00pm - films start at 7.30pm


Gardening Club

The Gardening Club Christmas Fun Quiz with mince pies and mulled wine is on Wednesday 27th November.

Please contact Louise Cushine if interested -


Parish Council Meeting 6/11/19 –         Chairman Charles Milner-Williams

1. A minutes silence was observed in memory of the late, great John McKenzie. RIP John xx

2. Concern was raised about the Recovery Lorry parked by Sports Field, but the resident has already taken measures to improve the situation.

3. Cllr Oliver and his crack team have installed the new Noticeboard which looks great.

4. The Grit Bin at the top of the Village has been refilled and Cllr Christie and Oliver are going to conduct maintenance on the others. Good lads!

5. Cllr Oliver thanked those that helped with the Stream clearance and advised he has a weed spraying schedule and then a planting plan – he’s a great bloke. He also agreed along with Cllr Christie to conduct Maintenance of the memorial benches on the green to ensure their longevity.

6. We hope to soon have a new Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

7. Cllr Harris advised she had been working with Scottish Electric to ensure vulnerable residents were cared for first in an outage. She also said she really enjoyed the Halloween Party laid on by the Village Association. Well done Cat Boslem x

8. The Chairman commended Cllr Graham for all her work on Mandy Garden. Agreed that Community workers could help maintain it.

9. Steve Counsell reported on progress of NDP and advised that TVBC have started an 8-week examination period. This is real progress, so fingers crossed. Chairman thanked Steve & team.

10. Cllr Davis is planning to resurrect the Emergency Plan for when we suffer a village Emergency – floods, fire, power outage etc.

11. The Safety Matting at the Sports Field playground will be reviewed and either repaired or replaced. Thanks again Cllr Oliver.

12. Cllr Davis advised that a planning matter at 19 Stanbury Close was under review. There was also an objection to the Tree Application at Ninepins. New Tree applications from Flora Villa and George House under review as is new Barn Application at Thruxton Down.

13. As per the norm Madame Clerky has the finances in order. The Council agreed to retain the precept at £15250. Clerky also advised that information regarding School Admissions 2020 had been placed in the Hall, Noticeboards etc.

14. The Chairman commended the Village Association on their recent Halloween Events.

15. The next meeting is Wednesday 4th December and will be Charles last as Chairman. Please do try and come along and thank this true village legend for all his years of service.                                          

Memorial Hall News by Kate Christie

We are thrilled that Andover Choir are going to perform 2 concerts in the Village Memorial Hall on Sunday 22 December – 4pm and 7pm. The concerts are in aid of both the Hall and the Church and will be a programme of Christmas songs and Carols. There will plenty of opportunity for you to join in with some of your all-time favourites!! What better way could there possibly be to start your family festivities? Tickets are now on sale at £10 for adults & £5 for children and will include refreshments after the show.  Please call 07515 854933 to book tickets and state which performance you wish to attend.

Village Association News

The Kids Halloween on the Green was fantastic, and we had far more children attend than we could ever have imagined. Thruxton Village Association Committee would like to thank everyone that attended the Halloween Events they were a huge success and we were so pleased to see so many people attend and take part and we hope to do this again next year. The Adults Halloween Pop-Up Music Night at the Village Hall was a great night had by all lots of great prizes thank you to all individuals and businesses that donated a Raffle Prizes. The music kindly provided by "The Rookies" was superb thank you.  Some of you really got into the spirit of Halloween by turning out in some truly impressive costumes. A big thank you to all those that helped clear up afterwards you know who you are!

I would like to say a huge thank you to my amazing Committee, Jo Lees, Emma Gibbs, Tom Gibbs, Jo Durrant & Gill Odling you were all amazing and worked tirelessly to put on both these events not only on the day but behind the scenes as well as roping in your significant others - your spirit and enthusiasm is inspiring. I also would like to sincerely thank Rick Smart, Helene Smart, Emily Smart, Alison Richardson & Natasha Richardson who also supported the Halloween Events.

We have now completed the scrutiny of all Grant Applications and we are pleased to say that we are able to say yes to everyone that applied we hope the amounts are in the region of what you requested. All cheques have now been written and are winging their way to the successful organisations.

Thruxton Gardening Club - £250 / Thruxton War Memorial Hall - £500 / Thruxton Threads - £150

Forest School (Kimpton, Thruxton & Fyfield C of E Primary School) - £150 / St Peters & St Pauls Church - £500 / Three Villages Sports Trust - £500

NOTE: The VA AGM will be in January 2020. Village Fete Saturday 20 June 2020 – SAVE THE DATE

NOTE FROM EDITOR: Cat Boslem you are an inspiration and credit to our village. Thank you so much to you and your team for the two awesome Halloween events that you hosted xx

Other News

1. Tamsin Godfrey-Davies an amazingly talented local animal portrait artist is holding an Open Studio Session on Saturday 23rd November from 10am to 6pm at Meadow View, Wiremead Lane, East Cholderton. Come and view her amazing work whilst tucking into a mince pie and glass of fizz.

Christmas Cards and Prints will be on sale -


2. Well done to Thruxton Teenager Matt Thomas who for his birthday this year asked for donations to The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders. Matt raised £175 which is an awesome achievement.

3. Yoga and Meditation Classes priced £3 are being held on Sunday 24th November and Sunday 8th December from 10-11.30am in the hall. Please contact Heather for more details 07934 828 728.

4. Exercise Class – the free exercise class every Sunday at 10am on the Sports Field is going well. Please do try and attend if you can. You can register at

5. Meat Draw – the White Horse Inn are holding a Meat Draw every Friday at 7pm – be lucky!!

6. Community Club Christmas Tea – this will be held on Wednesday 11th December.


Urgently needed for the Church Christmas Fair:


Bric a brac (good quality)


Raffle prizes

Gingerbread men (for children to decorate)

If you can help us with any of the above we would be very grateful. Items can be dropped off to the village hall after 9am on Sunday 1st December or in advance to Sue King, 16 Beech Close, (772872). The Fair opens at 11am and we have lots on offer for all ages so do please come along and support Thruxton Church

Church Clear Up

On Saturday 16th November 9am there is a plan to spruce up the Church and Churchyard. We would really appreciate help clearing leaves, cutting the hedge, polishing brass, etc. If anyone could give us an hour or two of their Saturday morning it would be much appreciated (bring rakes, hedge cutters and anything else you think might be useful). Please note there will be a bonfire that morning - apologies in advance.



                          Thruxton Times – October 2019   

                                 Editor: Rick Smart – 07786246291        Pubblished by the Parish Council


Breaking News

1. Stream Clearing – the final stage of Stream Clearing will take place Sunday 6th October 2pm-4pm. Be great to have some new volunteers please.

2. Remembrance Service – this will be held at 10.50 am Sunday 10th November at Thruxton Church.

3. Wedding Bells – the best of Thruxton luck to two lovely couples who are tying the knot over the coming month. First up are Catt Allwright and Callum Jackman on the 19th October, followed by Steve Oliver and Amy Tomlinson on 2nd November. We wish them all health, wealth and happiness xx

4. Charity Bake – Natasha Richardson is once again showcasing her baking skills by doing a sponsored bake in aid of the Countess of Brecknock Hospice in Andover. This will be the biggest bake Natasha aged 14 has undertaken so please try and support her. The link for sponsorship is

5. Church Christmas Fair - If anyone would like to reserve a selling table at Thruxton Church Christmas Fair on Sunday 1st December in the village hall, please get in touch with me

6. Tennis Star - Thruxton really does have talent. Sophie Keeble form Stanbury Close has scooped the under 8s tennis championship of Andover and the most improved player. Awesome. Next stop Wimbledon x

7. Exercise Class – the free exercise class every Sunday at 10am on the Sports Field is going well. Please do try and attend if you can. You can register at

Dates for Diary

Every Sunday                                               Exercise Class

Sunday 6th October                                     Stream Clearing

Sunday 13th Oct                                          Harvest Supper

Weds 30th October                                      Gardening Club

Thursday 31st Oct                                        Thruxton Cinema

Thursday 31st Oct                                        Kids Halloween Party

Friday 1st Nov                                               VA Halloween Party

Saturday 9th Nov                                          Remembrance Walk

Sunday 10th Nov                                          Remembrance Service

Sunday 10th Nov                                         Remembrance Day Curry Lunch in Hall

Friday 29th Nov                                           Thruxton Cinema

Sunday 1st Dec                                           Church Xmas Fair

Wednesday 11 Dec                                      Community Club Christmas Tea

Friday 13th Dec                                           Hall Christmas Event

Saturday 14th Dec                                      Christmas  Walk


Remembrance Day Curry Lunch

This year’s Remembrance Day Curry Lunch will be held in the Hall on Sunday 10th November.  Please book your place with either Bob Hodges (773354) or John Davis (772711).  Places are limited so you are advised to book early.  The price has been held at the same as for the last two years, £16 for adults and £10 for children.  We shall, regrettably, need payment in advance by either cash or cheque made payable to ‘Thruxton War Memorial Hall’.  A cash bar will be available, and lunch will be served at 13.00 hrs.

Last year on the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 the raffle raised an amazing £260 thanks to the generosity of all those who attended.  The Royal British Legion received the money and sent their grateful thanks. If you would like to donate a raffle prize for this year, please contact John or Bob.

Thruxton Harvest Supper

The Thruxton Harvest Supper will be held on Sunday 13th October 6.30pm in the War Memorial Hall. Do please come along and celebrate our village harvest. Please phone Sue 772872 or email if you would like to come. Also let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

Adults: £12.50, Children under 12: £6.

Remembrance Day Walk / Run

On Saturday 10th Adults and Children from the Three Villages will be organising a run / walk to honour our Service Men and Women. The fitter residents will be running 11.11 km, but you are free to run or walk any distance you would like. Feel free to bring along your four-legged friends too. After the event we will be having a fun quiz in the White Horse Inn.

This year we will be raising money for FKA Army Benevolent Fund. If you would like to join in, please contact Rick Smart.

Thruxton Cinema

Please note the change of date for our next film which will be on THURSDAY 31st OCTOBER 2019 when we will show "LATE NIGHT" (15). Starring Emma Thompson as a talk show host whose falling ratings leave her at risk of being replaced by a younger popular comedian. Late Night is a workplace comedy with a lot of heart - and just as many laughs.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our film on 27th September owing to illness of the presenter. However, we will now show "Fisherman’s Friends" on Friday 29th November 2019 instead of "Colette".

Ticket Entry is £6.00pp if pre-booked from Nigel at - Tel 773993, Carolyn at - Tel 773048, OR arrive at the door on the night and the Ticket will be £7.00pp.    

Cash bar opens at 7.00pm - films start at 7.30pm.


Gardening Club

Thank you to all who came along to the talk by Wilf Simcox on 'The Lawn'.John Negus will be talking about 12 Months of Colour at our next meeting on Wednesday 30th October.  Please come along and join us.

Louise Cushine -


Talk on Electricity by Scottish & Southern

Helen Vass from SSNE gave an informative talk on the steps to take in the event of a power failure. First and foremost, she provided forms for the over 60’s to complete so that SSNE are aware of vulnerable people in the Parish who SSNE would attend to first in the event of an outage. She also stressed the importance of people who rely on electrical powered medical support should register with SSNE. Helen provided some glow sticks to distribute to residents. These are far more effective and a lot safer than candles. Helen also mentioned that you can download the Power Tracker App which will alert you to outages and more importantly when they will be resolved. Finally, she advised that in the event of an outage you can dial 105 which is a free number.

Tricia Harris our Village Agent will be your point of contact to assist with the registration process and more information will be available in the next few weeks. Contact Tricia on 01264 771493.


Parish Council Meeting 2/10/19 –         Chairman Charles Milner-Williams

1. Chairmen commended Kate Christie and Cat Boslem on their successful bid for Thruxton winning Hants & IOW Small Village of the Year.

2. New Noticeboards have arrived and will be installed by Cllr Oliver.

3. Madam Clerk (aka Clerky) advised that the school will take over the maintenance of the Planter at top of Stanbury Rd. They will buy own bulbs and have a free rein on design. The Gardening Club will also be maintaining a planter. Clerky also advised Community Payback workers have cleared the area around Post Box on Lambourn Way and footpath at sports field. Clippings to be removed in due course. Clerky advised the new grit bins will be installed in November. Finally, and goes without saying Clerky has the PC finances in order.

4. Cllr Oliver thanked those that helped with the Stream clearance and advised that the next session is Sunday 6th October 2.00pm. Please spare an hour if you can. Hi Vis Jackets &Traffic cones have been purchased for your safety.

5. Cllr Christie reported that the road resurfacing of Lambourn Way and Close was complete. Steve Counsell pointed out that no work had been done on the road side to prevent weed growth. PC to review options. Work on footpaths is scheduled but some residents need to trim their hedges back first. Hall Trustees have asked Council to review depression in road by the hall.

6. The flickering street light on Stanbury Road will be replaced at cost of £589

7. The Chairman criticised the Deputy Flag master for not erecting the flag on the green over the last week and advised he found a deputy deputy.

8. Steve Counsell reported on progress of NDP which sadly has been slow due to a lack of response from TVBC. TVBC have now woken up and an 8-week examination period will now commence. Chairman thanked Steve and team.

9. Chairman advised there is a Children’s Halloween Party on Green and organised Trick or Treat on the 31st. He reminded Council that permission had to be sought by individuals wishing to hold events on the green.

10. Cllr Davis advised that a planning matter at 19 Stanbury Close was under review. He advised that permission had been granted to the Coach Park to site 134 storage containers at the end of car park. Should blend in with countryside nicely!!

11. Cllr Harris advised that she is looking at the issue of transport to Southampton Hospital. She will also be working with SSNE on electric supply.                                            


Memorial Hall News by Kate Christie

The Wall is finished - woo-hoo!!  The trustees are delighted that this can now come off the agenda (for the time being). We hope that everyone agrees it looks so much better now.  A special thanks go to Nigel Beck for making special cob bricks to fill the unexpected gaping hole and for doing such a splendid job of tidying the verge underneath the wall.

Thruxton Threads is up and running.  We are delighted to welcome them to the Hall and should anyone else be considering hiring the Hall, please contact Margaret Davis, she’d love to hear from you. (01264 772711). Plans are progressing for our Christmas surprise event.  All of you with children ages 4 - 10, put December 13th in your diaries NOW!  More details to follow very soon


Village Association News

There are two exciting VA events coming up for both Children and Adults:

31st October - Kids Halloween on the Green. This event will take place on the Village Green from 5:30pm - 7:30pm and is open to kids aged 0 - 16. This is a fancy-dress event and there will be games & prizes, Snacks & treats. There will be guided trick or treat around the Village to complete the evening.

1st November - Adults Halloween Pop-Up Music Night at the Village Hall from 7:30pm - 11:30pm. Live Music by "The Rookies", Bangers and Brownies Food included in your ticket price, a discounted Bar, a Raffle and prizes for the Best Halloween Costumes! Come along and enjoy the fun. The cost is £5 per head payable in advance which is an absolute bargain.

Please please try and attend one or both of these events. Contact Cat Boslem, Joanne Lees or Rick Smart for more details


Hampshire Village of the Year Competition 2019 – We Did It!!

As you know, a joint application was made by the Village Association and the Hall Trustees to enter the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Village of the Year Competition. The competition was stiff; last years’ winner was Chandlers Ford, and every other entrant was huge compared to us.  There were several awards available to be won and as each was announced, our chances seemed less and less.  Many of the parishes had populations of thousands and huge precepts representing a lot of cash that could be used for the benefit of the community.  Some of the winners were doing things of which we can only dream!

It then came to the award for Best Small Village.  Overton were runners up and eventually the Head Judge announced that Thruxton was the winner!!  It was like winning an Oscar.  The judges had been impressed with the community spirit of Thruxton, that we had assembled a group of actual villagers to speak to them about the village and that a real effort was made by so many people to include as many residents as possible in village events.  They were also impressed that all events were run by the villagers for the villagers and completely self -funded.  They congratulated us on a real spirit of community.

Cat Boslem and Kate Christie accepted the award which was accompanied by a cheque for £100.  How to put this money to good use for the benefit of the whole village has yet to be decided and suggestions would be welcome.  Both the VA and Hall Trustees understand there is much more work to be done to make every Thruxton resident feel part of the whole, but rest assured, we are working on it and are already talking about how we can win again next year!


Editor Note; This is a truly amazing achievement when you consider the number of small villages in the area. What is even more remarkable is that we only entered at the last minute thanks to Cat Boslem and Kate Christie enthusiasm and love of the village. The presentation they put together in a short space of time was amazing and they invested both time and money on our behalf – Thruxton salutes you ladies xx Let’s all keep the momentum going and ensure Thruxton remains the envy of the world!!