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Thruxton Parish Council

Statutory Information

Thruxton Parish Council Statutory Information

Information available from THRUXTON Parish Council under the Freedom Of Information Act 

Information to be published: Full details of the information available can be had on application to the Clerk or Chairman, contact details below, or on the Parish Council page of the village website www.thruxtonvillage.com

How the information can be obtained


Class1 - Who we are and what we do

(Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts)  Thruxton Parish Council.  Meets in Thruxton War Memorial Hall every first Wednesday of each month except January and August.  There are seven members of the Parish Council.  The Annual Parish Assembly is held in May and representatives from local organisations are invited to give a report.   All Parishioners are welcome to attend all meetings. 

(hard copy and/or website)

On application to the Clerk or Chairman, details below 

Who’s who on the Council and its Committees

Chairman: Charles Milner-Williams TD FCIS  Elected May 2001 

Clerk: Mrs Heather Bourner Appointed 1st November 2008

John Davis -                                  Deputy Chairman and Planning

Janet Graham–                             Young Villagers and Play Area

Roger Oliver-                              Trees and Greens and Environment

Contact details for Parish Clerk and Council members 

Mrs Heather Bourner, Tanglewood, Stanbury Road, THRUXTON SP11 8NR

Tel: 01264 773976 E-Mail Heather.Bourner@googlemail.com


Charles Milner-Williams TD FCIS, Hazelhurst House, Thruxton SP11 8LZ

01264 773546 E-Mail charlesmw@hotmail.com

By contacting either The Clerk or The Chairman

Location of main Council office and accessibility details:

Tanglewood, Stanbury Road, Thruxton SP11 8NR


The Clerk may be contacted by e-mail or  telephone   

Contact by e-mail or telephone


Thruxton Parish Council complies with The Department for Communities and
Local Government code 'Transparency code for smaller authorities' full
details of which can be found at:-

For further details regarding Thruxton Parish Council publications please
contact The Clerk at heather.bourner@googlemail.com or by telephone on
01264 773976