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Archive and Evidence Base

The Parish of Thruxton Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has reached the stage where it goes to the wider public for Consultation. A seven-week public consultation began on 17th July and ends on 6th September 2019 and is for anyone in the public at large to comment on the documents the Parish Council have approved and submitted to TVBC. TVBC organise and manage this process, known as National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Regulation 16 Consultation. The documents submitted to TVBC can be seen in the Parish website under the “Neighbourhood Plan/Documents Provided to TVBC” tabs. TVBC instructions for Regulation 16 Consultation can be found on their website . Following this an independent Examiner will be engaged by TVBC to review our NDP and any responses to the Regulation 16 Consultation. The Examiner will determine whether our NDP is suitable to be put to the Parish in a formal Referendum. Again TVBC will organise and manage the Referendum and provided the NDP receives a positive response it will finally be “Made”. That is it becomes a legal document that must to be taken into account by those involved in the process when considering planning applications. The NDP Steering Group anticipate that the Referendum may be held in November or December and the NDP “Made in early 2020, four years after this saga was started.

Evidence Base

The Thruxton neighbourhood Plan is based on views of residents, businesses, statutory consultees and other interested parties gathered through consultation and a range of studies the Steering Group and other parties have carried out.

These documents are attached on this page below and a further page which can be accessed from the menu above.

These documents include, but are not limited to the following: