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Thruxton Parish Council

Flower & Produce Show

We do know that many villagers proposed to enter last year, but a day after the last cutoff date we had insufficient entries.  The date for the 2019 event has now been decided on Sunday 8th September.    Please try to get lists to John Davis early, even if you need to change entries because of the fickle growing season - it happens every year !!


It has been drawn to our attention that some people have entered produce or products which were probably NOT grown by the entrant themselves.  This is very unfair to regular growers and runs counter to the principle of our informal event.

                   THRUXTON  FLOWER  &  PRODUCE SHOW 
                 CUPS  &  PRIZES 2018
TROPHY                               AWARDED FOR        

AVM White Shield     Family with most points overall                     Heather Bourner           40
                                                                                                        Janet Mitchell              32
                                                                                                          Roger Oliver   )           23
                                                                                                Chris Rome     )   

                                   Mc Killop Cup            The Best Junior entry                                      Arabella Fieldhouse                                  

                                   Notley Cup                 Winner of the “Victoria Sponge or                 John McKenzie
                                                                     Sandwich” Class                    
                                Shield 1                         Best entry in any Flower Class                     Heather Bourner                                            
                                Shield 2                       Best entry in any Produce Class                     Alastair Currie                                   
                                “Football” Cup           Best entry in any Handicraft Class                    Liz Oliver                                           
                                “Bally” Cup                Best entry in “Homemade Drinks” Class           Christine Pavoir                   
                                Home Cookery            Best home Cookery entry (any class)             Janert Mitchell           
                               Photographic               Best photograph (any class)                            Janet Mitchell             
                                President’s Cup           Best exhibit in Show                                       Steve Counsell                                                                                                         (at the discretion of the President)
                                Best entry from the School                                                                 NO ENTRIES  THIS YEAR                                           


                           Thruxton Village Flower and  Produce Show

                                            Sunday 8th September 2019

​Welcome to the eighth annual Thruxton Flower and Produce Show.    Hopefully the long, hot dry spell will come to an end and the weather will be kind so more fruit, flowers and vegetables will be available and if not, there are several photographic classes to enter.  This year we have been offered a new prize for Woodwork.  We want this to be a fun show, but there are some rules which will have to be followed and these are listed below.

1.       Entrance is limited to people living in Thruxton Parish, to pupils attending Kimpton Primary School, and to  members of village based clubs and societies, wherever they may live.
2.       Please follow the requirements of the classes carefully to avoid your exhibit being disqualified on a technicality.
3.       Entries will be limited to not more than three from any individual in any class.
4.       The entry fee for each item is 50p, but £1 for entries received after Monday 3rd September.  Entries are free for Children and Young People under 16.
5.       Complete the entry form on the back page and return with the relevant fee in a sealed envelope to 8 Lambourne Way by Sunday 1st September.  Late entries will be considered but will attract the higher entry fee.
6.       You should bring your exhibits to the village Hall between 09.30-11.30 on Show day.
7.       Vases, bowls, plates etc are not provided and so bring your own as appropriate.
8.       Photographs may be of any reasonable size and should be mounted on card ready for display.  Paintings should be ready to display.
9.       A card will have been prepared for each exhibit you have entered.  Collect these cards from the entry desk on arrival and place face down next to your exhibit.
10.   You must have left the main hall by 12.00 when judging will begin.
1.       Judging will take place between 12.00 and 13.30
2.       Each class will have, at the judges’ discretion, a Winner, Second place and Highly commended entries.
3.       Winner, second placed and highly commended certificates will be awarded.
4.       Points will be awarded – 3 for winning, 2 for second place and 1 for highly commended.  These points will be totalled and the entrant or family with the highest score will be awarded the shield to keep for one year.
5.       Classes may be combined, if the judges consider that appropriate.
6.       The President will award the Cup to the exhibit she deems to be the best in show.  A further cup will be awarded by the President to the children’s exhibit which shows the greatest endeavour.  Other cups or shields will be awarded for Handicrafts, Flowers, Photography, Produce and Victoria sponge or sandwich.
7.       The judges’ decisions will be final.
1.       The main hall will re-open for public viewing at 14.00 with the presentation of prizes at approx 15.45.
2.       Exhibits may be removed after the presentation of the prizes and must be cleared from the hall by 16.30.  Any exhibits that are not removed by this time will be disposed of at the Committee’s discretion. 
3.       Exhibitors may offer their exhibits for auction towards Village Association funds - this auction will take place immediately after the Awards have been announced.
1.     Tea, coffee and soft drinks and cakes will be available throughout the afternoon from 14.00 in the Machin Room.


                             Section 1 – Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables
       Group A1 Flowers (Home-grown)
1.         Vase of 5 different roses
2.         Vase of 3 pompom dahlias
3          Single Chrysanthemum
4          Spray of 3 Chrysanthemums
5          Specimen Dahlia
6          Vase of three flowering shrubs
7          Vase of Annuals
8          Vase of perennials
      Group A2 - Flower Arrangements (bought flowers acceptable in this class)
1.        Table arrangement for a September Dinner party
2.        Arrangement of Wild Flowers and Foliage
3.        Arrangement in a Wine Glass
4.        Arrangement in an unusual container
5.        Arrangement using a single colour of flowers plus foliage
      Group B Fruit
     1          Bowl of 3 apples of one variety
     2          Bowl of 3 pears of one variety
     3          Bowl of 10 autumn raspberries
     4          Bowl of 5 plums of one variety
     5          Biggest apple - any variety
     6          Exotic Fruit 1or 2 pieces - any variety (Eg: fig, bunch of grapes, passionfruit,                           or melon)
       Group C Vegetables

     1          3 Potatoes, one variety
     2          3 Tomatoes (one variety)
     3          Single Cucumber
     4          3 Carrots (one variety)
     5          Biggest marrow
     6          3 Beans (one variety)
     7          Longest runner bean

     8          Single beetroot of any sort
                                           Section 2 – Cookery and Wine making

        Group D  Cookery
     1          Jar of Jam                                 not less than 340g (12 oz)
     2          Jar of Lemon curd                      not less than 225g (8oz)
     3          Jar of marmalade                       not less than 340g (12 oz)
     4          Jar of Jelly                                 not less than 340g (12 oz)
     5          Jar of chutney or Pickle              not less than 225g (8oz)
     6          Plate of 4 decorated cupcakes
     7          Loaf of bread including Cobs
     8          Victoria jam sponge or sandwich – 3 egg mix, not iced
     9           Dundee cake
     10         Round of shortbread
     11         Plate of 4 cheese scones
     12         Quiche - any variety
     13         Plate of 4 jam tarts
     14         Plate of 4 ‘brownies’
     15         Plate of 4 Gingerbread men (or animals for children) - no icing
     16         Cake to celebrate BREXIT - leaves endless possibilities

        Group E       Homemade Drinks
     1          A bottle of red or white wine made from local produce
     2          A bottle of liqueur made from local produce
     3          A bottle of homemade beer (any strength)
     4          A bottle of homemade cordial (any flavour)

                                              Section 3 – Arts and Crafts

            Group F           Handicrafts

      1          Woolcraft – any item made from wool
      2          Needlecraft -  any item of needlecraft
      3          Woodcraft – a decorative item made in wood
      4          Jewellery
      5          Papercraft

           Group G           Visual Arts

     1          A Photograph of a Thruxton Village scene
     2          A Photograph of local wildlife
     3          A Holiday Photograph
     4          A Landscape in any medium
     5          A Still life in any medium
     6          A local Thruxton scene in any medium
          Section 4 – Children and Young People under 16 on 1st September 2019

            Group I                        Flowers and Vegetables

      1          Arrangement of flowers in a jam jar
      2          Unusual vegetable
      3          Wild flowers posy
      4          Bowl of blackberries
      5          Tallest Sunflower (photograph acceptable but height to be certified by a                                parent) 

            Group J            Craftwork

     1          Any piece of craft work under 6
     2          Any piece of craft work between 6 and 11
     3          Any piece of craft work over 11
     4          Painting or collage ‘my favourite animal or pet’ under 6
     5          Painting or collage ‘my favourite animal or pet’ between 6 and 11
     6          Painting or collage ‘my  favourite animal or pet’ over 11
     7          Painting or collage depicting the Olympics

           Group K           Miscellaneous

     1          A miniature garden in a seed tray
     2          A decorated plant pot or painted stone
     3          A comic animal made from natural materials – any fruit, nuts, seeds, pasta etc
     4          Imaginative model monster
     5          A Scarecrow in a plant pot of not more than 9” diameter

                                     THRUXTON VILLAGE FLOWER and PRODUCE SHOW
                                               SUNDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2019

Please list the class number and name for each entry and send the completed form with the appropriate fee to John Davis at 8 Lambourne Way, by Sunday 1st September 2019.  Cheques should be made payable to Thruxton War Memorial Hall.  Families may use one form providing they clearly indicate the date of birth of any child entering an exhibit in Section 4.  Section 4 entries are free – all others 50p each or £1 after 3rd September.

                                        (Please add your own columns !!                                                                                            This Website can't do that)

Class Number            |           Class Description                                                     |  Fee
                                    |                                                                                               |                                                |                                                                                               |

                                    |                                                                                               |                                                                                         
                                    |                                                                                               |                                                                                                
                                   |                                                                                                |
                                   |                                                                                                | 

                                   |                                                                                                |

                                   |                                                                                                |

If all else fails, contact John for a hard copy which he can you send by email