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Thruxton Parish Council

Borough Councillor(s)

     Test Valley Borough Councillor for Penton Bellinger Ward

                                           Phil Lashbrook 

Throughout my 14 years as your Borough Councillor, I have successfully fought to protect the unique character and individual charm that defines each of our villages.  It is the idyllic and distinctive quality of life that has made our villages so desirable to those seeking somewhere  pleasant in which to live.  

Our flood contingency plans, within the Ward, have been held as an example to others.  Working closely with the Police, HCC, Hampshire Fire and Rescue and others, we have introduced measures to provide local community resilience and enhanced community safety.  As the Lead on Road Safety, I have worked to raise awareness and reduce road accidents. 

It has been a privilege for me to serve on; Northern Area Planning Committee, Licensing Committee, Road Safety Council, Rail    Passenger Forum, The IAP,  Test Valley Rural Community Safety and Rural Neighbourhood Watch.  

Test Valley and Penton Bellinger have been voted as the most desirable locations within which to live. It is my intention, with your support, to keep it that way.  Contact on e-mail

phil@testvalley.org or telephone 01264 773588.    


                        Borough Councillor for Penton Bellinger Ward

                                                 Mrs Pam Mutton 

May I introduce myself?  I am the Borough Councillor for Penton Bellinger Ward elected in 2015 but this is not my first time as an elected member as I was elected in. May 1995 as the member for Winton Ward for Test Valley Borough Council, serving on all the main committees, until I became Mayor in  2008/2009 

I was elected to Hampshire County Council to represent Andover. North Division    in  2009  where I covered   the parishes of   Tangley, Hatherden, Enham, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Vernham Dean, Smannell and part of Andover Town council     I served on  health overview scrutiny , and was appointed by the chairman of the Health Overview  Scrutiny Committee Councillor Pat. West to oversee the scrutiny of the Andover Birth Centre consultation. The Birth Centre was successfully saved and has gone from strength to strength for the town and villages in the area.  I was also a school governor at St. John's for several years and worked with special schools in the area. 

I became the Vice Chairman of the County Council in 2012 and was likely to be the next Chairman but sadly this was not fulfilled as I lost my seat to UKIP the following year by ten votes. The County Council did me the honour of appointing me an honorary Alderman in 2013. 

After some time off I was invited to stand for the Borough Council in Penton Bellinger Ward which, together with Councillor Phil Lashbrook, I now have the honour to represent.
I am presently the chairman of the local Visually Impaired charity better known as the VIP. 

I am a mother, grand mother and recently great grandmother with all my   three children living locally. Sadly my youngest son died as a result of a car accident in 1991 which was the spur that made me enter politics to improve the highway where the accident took place.  I succeeded in making it safer after a long battle.  

My mantra is "I'm a strong voice for local people" taking on their concerns in an  empathetic way but working within the legal requirements of a Councillor and observing the Code of Conduct  to which I have signed up.  Contact on e-mail pam.mutton@gmail.com  or telephone 01264 396756.